Chic & Stay Headbands

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Chic & Stay Headbands

You're going to fall in love with our newest product line,  Chic & Stay headbands.  Made from sweat wicking , recycled material (just like our free flow tanks) our headbands keep your hair pulled back and in place without crimping your style. Pull back your hair for a yoga flow or style them for a night on the town, either way our headbands make a statement with Stelari's signature prints. 

Our unique design helps keep your headband tight without giving you a headache. The stylish, scarf like ends are designed to hang down in your hairstyle or utilize them to take your braid or bun to the next level. Check out the videos below, for some tips from our stylist on ways to elevate your next hairstyle. 

Reveal Headband Print


Breathe Headband Print


Rock Solid Headband Print

Rock Solid

X-Ray Headband Print


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