Eco Fashion

Eco Fashion That Inspires

Feel good in what you wear by choosing eco friendly fabrics that are soft on your body and on our environment. Our free flow tanks are silky soft to the touch. They hang with ease and drape sweetly around your curves. 

Our free flow tanks and kimonos are made from recycled polyester that is woven from recycled PET plastic (the same plastic used to make water bottles). We source our materials from fabric manufacturers that buy bales of post-consumer recycled bottles. This eco fabric process not only reduces the amount of plastic waste in landfills but the amount of energy used to make the recycled PET polyester is also significantly less than that needed to produce virgin material. 


Our muscle tees are another eco friendly yoga top, utilizing bamboo and organic cotton.  Bamboo is more sustainable then other crops as its quick growing and requires less water and no pesticides. Bamboo also does not retain odor like other natural fibers because of its natural antibacterial qualities, making it a first choice for Stelari fashions. 

At Stelari we are committed to creating sustainable, eco friendly yoga clothes and fashion whenever possible. Help us support mother nature and your dreams.