Thoughts are powerful - they shape our beliefs and become our truth. I discovered the power of belief years ago when I was feeling a bit “lost”. Yoga and running brought me back. My creative spirit was coming to life and I found my rhythm. I supported my soul with nurturing thoughts and mantras. This is when things started shifting and something wonderfulwas about to be born.

In 2012, the time was rhythmically right for me to follow my heart and expand a dream. To stand in my creative light force to fashion versatile, comfortable, and meaningful yoga wear. I want to deliver something that connects rather than covers; that enlightens, empowers, and liberates the heart, mind, body and soul.

Stelari moves with the rhythm of life

The essence of Stelari is simple: purposeful, passionate fashion. It’s about more than looking good in the mirror or on the yoga mat. We set out to create unique and beautiful activewear with prints that have the ability to expand your potential. Based on the power of belief, this ‘Print Intent’ pairs a positive affirmation with each piece of original artwork. These serve as a reminder, to the outside world and to your own soul, of the values and beliefs you hold true. Our highest goal is to empower women to live an intention-based life so they can discover their purest self. Embrace it. Wear it. Live it. Love it.


Stelari is intentional, nourishing, sacred-soaked yoga wear that dances with your life’s rhythm. Be kind to yourself - from the thoughts you have to the actions you take. I hope you find your own powerful rhythm and make some magic!

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