Jennifer Pierotti

Hometown: Las Vegas

Power Moves: Yoga

Jennifer Pierotti is an accomplished and experienced yoga teacher who completed her 500 E-RYT certification at YogaWorks in Los Angles. During that time, Jennifer mentored, assisted, and trained with Sonya Cottle to learn the Ashtanga Yoga system as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Jennifer continues her education by traveling annually to study under the guidance of Maty Ezraty. 

Jennifer’s advanced knowledge of anatomy produces precise alignment cues and hands-on adjustments that elevate the practices of both beginning and advanced yoga practitioners.  

What sets Jennifer apart from other Yoga practitioners is the way she sees each student. Jennifer evaluates each students anatomy and strength, combined with any physical challenges that may appertain to the practice, and then uses the Ashtanga and Iyengar systems to create a practice that corresponds with the needs and goals of each student.                      

Her depth of knowledge and dedication for the practice of yoga and its philosophy are conveyed in every class, private lesson, and workshop she offers. 


What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Kiss my two puppies good morning, grab a cup of coffee and a good book, then head outdoors to enjoy!


How would you describe your personal style?

I tend to be drawn to clothing that is soft, natural, and feminine. A touch of classic chic tends to find its way into every outfit I put together. One thing is certain, no matter the activity I dress to feel beautiful and cozy.


Where is your favorite place to go to connect with nature and why?

Hawaii! It’s the only place that I have been where it feels as if the world effortlessly and naturally slows down. Being on that island surrounded by the sound of the ocean allows me to discount from modern technologies and enjoy the beauty that nature has created over centuries.


What activity stirs your creativity most?

Yoga. Whether I am teaching or practicing something about watching bodies and or feeling my own body work through the puzzle of an asana stimulates my creative side. It also allows me a way to work through blockages whether they are physical or mental, I find a sense of clarity after practicing and or teaching.


What makes you feel the most connected with people?

Eye contact. Whether its momentarily in passing, a long stare of appreciation between lovers, or over a conversation with the closest of friends. Eye contact allows me to feel a connection in the present moment with another person regardless of the circumstances or length of time. I know that in that moment neither of us are alone and that we are sharing a piece of time together.


How do you stay healthy?

Laughter! Spending time with my friends and family, joking around, not taking things to seriously so that each day I have at least one good laugh that causes my sides to hurt. I also practice Ashtanga Yoga 5-6 days per week, I eat foods that work for my body, and spend a lot of time outdoors taking care of my pups.


What does success mean to you?

Success is the culmination of hard work, determination, the overcoming of fears, and the ability to find confidence in oneself while keeping the ego at bay. Once this occurs success then takes the form of balance in all areas of ones’ life.


What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Every night I curl up in bed with my two pups snuggled beside me and I look out my bedroom window onto the Las Vegas strip and remind myself that anything is possible.


What is your must-have Stelari item?

The Gypsy Soul Yoga Tank is my must-have Stelari item. It’s a perfect combination of stunning colors that are both vibrant and soft. The handwritten intention lets me feel connected to all those who refuse to give up on their passions and dreams.

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