The Journey Home


 “You have to get lost before you can be found.” – Jeff Rasley


Why would anyone want to purposefully get lost? It’s not so much about losing your way in the wilderness without a compass, but rather it’s about stepping outside your comfort zone into the unknown. When you do this, something profound happens – you see yourself (and the world) in a different way.


Let’s be honest, not a whole lot changes from day to day – except for the pictures we post on social media. So with our days duplicating, it’s natural to find comfort in what we know. We know our home, our friends, our job, and we might think we know who we are… this is a reassuring state. If you find yourself antsy or in a lull, unmotivated or uninspired, chances are your soul is longing to break away from the norm, face its fears and tear off its complacency cloak. We need new lessons to learn from, new vistas to take our breath away and new perspectives to cultivate more compassion. After all, how can you keep growing and thriving when your soul is sitting still?




Take a trip for an immediate release from repetition. Leave what you know and go find your Self.


Stelari’s La Siena Collection of print yoga tanks is inspired by traveling to old world cities that are adorned with beautiful architecture and heavy in history - namely Siena, Italy. The duomo (or cathedral) in this divine city of Siena is a soul-opening structure. The space that was created for devotion is rich in patterns, textures and stories. If you think about it, we are like this duomo. Beautiful on the outside and deeply elaborate on the inside. It’s not enough to pass it by, you must enter through the doors and walk its hallways. There is so much to see. It’s okay to feel lost – just be open to exploration.

Image via Steve Jurvetson 

 Stelari's Vortex print inspired by the duomo of Siena

Stelari's  Vortex tank, striped black and white marble inspired by Siena's Duomo.

After a high-vibration experience like traveling, the mind, body and heart often feel broken open. They are ready to receive. The journey home can be emotional as you soak in what you saw, learned and felt – all of which will soon become memories. A shift has happened that you must quickly use as a tool before it is gone and you slip back into your regular routine. On your way home with the fresh scenery as a memento, do one or all of the following: 

  • Journal your experience
  • Meditate
  • Do yoga, move, exercise
  • Write down your goals and reflect on your accomplishments
  • Set an intention
  • Choose a mantra
  • Make a dream board
  • Make something, anything - draw, paint, sculpt, cook, craft
  • Reveal something new about yourself
  • Do something that scares you



If you make a practice of taking action when you are out of your norm, you will return home with clarity, inspired motivation, and a keener sense of who YOU are and what YOUR purpose is.

This is the very essence of La Siena Collection. It's about traveling to far off places and the journey home. Each print is accompanied by an affirmation to help power you along your journey. We hope you get lost and find your Self. 

Pick your print that is fueled with intent. Your journey awaits.




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