Simple ways to spark joy at home

Love coming home


If you’re lucky, your home is your sanctuary. A place where you can rest, find peace and let go of all your stresses. The problem is that we are so busy making magic out in the world with our busy careers, to-do lists, workouts, and travel plans that our home gets neglected. What is supposed to be a calming retreat really becomes a place for merely eating and sleeping. It’s no longer a space that replenishes the soul.


Technology rules our lives with virtual comforts like texts, games, and photos, so it’s more important than ever to bring joy back into the physical home. If you’re up for the challenge but not sure how to start, follow these simple yet effective home styling tips that will serve your soul by creating a space that is safe, sacred and joy-filled.


“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 


Spark Good Energy

First things first, free up space for Joy. Ugh, yes we know. Deep cleaning, decluttering and throwing out unwanted or unneeded stuff (aka junk) is a daunting task. The fact that this junk is present may actually be the cause of what’s dampening your Joy. Wherever you spend the most amount of time when home, just start cleaning there. This is a basic principle of Feng Shui that keeps good energy flowing.


Complacency dulls creativity and saddens the spirit. We are meant to move toward and fulfill our deepest desires. The best way to awaken the soul is to change things up. Once your space is clutter-free, it’s time to stir your energy. This can be as simple as moving furniture around to shift perspective.


Spark the Senses

The senses love to play together and, when they do, it heightens your whole experience. Invite more senses into your visual landscape by remembering what brings you Joy… and adding THAT into your home.



What is your happiest memory? Where were you, what were you doing? Is there a smell that incites that memory? Perhaps gardenia or plumeria as a sweet reminder of a tropical vacation… sandalwood or vanilla send your thoughts to that time you made s’mores over a fire… or the smell of sea salt and bamboo is like a mental meditative beach walk. Match a scent with a memory – light a candle, incense or simply open the windows to let the air in. Smell the Joy.



Where you live is an extension of your physical body, this also includes your mental and emotional energies. Just as you strive to balance your mind-body-soul through movement, stimulation and nutrition, you can balance your physical space by drawing in the five elements. Create arrangements on a mantle or side table using earth, metal, wood, fire, and water. Use soft throw pillows and blankets to invite depth and texture. Create a space that feels good and balanced. A healthy home helps achieve a healthy body, and vice versa. Feel the Joy.




What you believe shapes your Truth. This power of belief is the foundation of Stelari clothing - beautiful prints pair with positive affirmations to serve as reminders of what you WANT. Seeing is believing. Apply Stelari’s mission to your home by dressing up your space up with images and items that remind you of what you love… what you desire. This can be family pictures, a Buddha statue, raw crystals, shells you found on the beach, or a painting that emotes pure bliss. Let the items that matter most to you and hold the most value (even if they didn’t cost a penny) be easily seen. See the Joy.


Don’t second-guess your interior decorating skills, just let your heart style your home. Come home and spark your Joy.


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