Quick Pilates Workout You Can Do Anywhere

The best place to go if you are a control freak is Pilates class. Each exercise in Pilates is precise and requires full control – of your breath, your muscles, and your focus. Pilates may be low intensity conditioning, but don’t let that fool you. This workout builds amazing strength and tones our challenge areas like the tush and tummy.


If you’ve never been to a Pilates class, the studio itself can be intimidating. The equipment - Reformer, Chair and Cadillac - look like they could double as torture apparatus! Yet it’s these large structures that make Pilates both safe and effective.


Joseph Pilates, the man behind the method, was a sick child and turned to exercise to strengthen his mind and body. During WWII, he rigged springs to hospital beds to encourage sick patients to exercise in bed using resistance. His work helped improve their health and healing. He later took this concept to develop his well-known equipment designs.


When Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara came to the United States, they settled in New York where their studio became the go-to rehab for many New York dancers and ballerinas. The control, strength and stretching of muscles eased muscle pain (especially in the back) and improved performance and posture.


While the machines are fun and effective, it’s easy to take Pilates off the fancy equipment and down to the ground. Rhythm Maker and Pilates Studio Owner Kelly Snailum helps shape and strengthen your body in her studio and also offers us a quick Pilates routine you can doing daily in the comfort of your home.


Remember to use your breath and stay in control.



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