Press Play: Wanderlust Vibes

If your yoga teacher plays music in his/her classes or if you’ve been to a yoga festival, then you have most likely heard the soulful beats of Trevor Hall. Rhythm Maker Ashley Cottrell and her husband Matthew – together they make up Instagram yogis of @theyogacouple – have been listening to Trevor Hall pretty much since his public beginnings.  


“We both were highly involved with Eastern spirituality and his music, even early on, had hints of divine truths mixed into his lyrics,” she rememebers. “We recognized it immediately and he became a soul teacher/inspiration for us both.” Not a day passes when Trevor tunes aren’t playing in their car, home or yoga practice. For this playlist, titled Wanderlust Vibes, Ashley compiles songs from several Trevor Hall albums. Her intent is to share the devotion and pureness behind his music. “It heals and it’s almost impossible to not connect with Spirit and feel the sense of freedom when listening.”


We couldn’t agree more! Close your eyes, move, rest, play, dance and celebrate the upbeat and playful collection of yoga songs that are perfect for a vinyasa flow yoga class. Pay attention to Song #2 Jagadeesha. This is a great place to starting Sun Salutations – especially with a rising summer sun!


“It feels like I am inviting goodness into my heart, my day, and my life when I flow to this song. Try it out!” 


We hope these songs make you feel alive and grateful. Press play and repeat the mantra "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you". All is perfect.


LISTEN: Wanderlust Vibes Playlist


  1. Opening by Wah!
  2. Jagadeesha by Trevor Hall
  3. Bangles by Niraj Chag
  4. Green Mountain State by Trevor Hall
  5. O Haleakala by Trevor Hall
  6. Indigo by Trevor Hall
  7. Back To You by Trevor Hall
  8. Om Shakti Om by Trevor Hall
  9. Kabir by Trevor Hall
  10. Bowl Of Light by Trevor Hall
  11. We Call by Trevor Hall
  12. Holy Country by Trevor Hall
  13. Kabir II by Trevor Hall
  14. The Lime Tree by Trevor Hall
  15. Many Roads by Trevor Hall
  16. Life And Death by Paul Cardall

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