Press Play: Root 2 Rise

If you’re lucky enough to be raised by hippies with great taste in music like our Rhythm Maker Ellie Bernstein, your ears yearn for nostalgic tunes and classic rock. Ellie was raised on sweet sounds of CSNY, the Stones, The Who, Jimi, and Janis. There's an overtone of classic rock in Ellie’s yoga classes which she balances with non lyrical songs. “It's all about the sound and the beat for me,” she says. “I like to work on my laptop and just put my earbuds in and rock out to whatever I'm feeling on Spotify, and then in about five minutes I will quickly throw all the songs onto a playlist, then reorganize them to make sense for a vinyasa flow class with a steady build and a gentle step back down.”


“I almost always include a Fleetwood Mac song because Stevie Nicks is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.”


The playlist she created for us is called Root 2 Rise. “I love the dichotomy of the need to root down physically to draw energy up to find flight or balance in the asana practice, and the energetic sense of grounding that we need to spread our proverbial wings to fly. It's a cool parallel that can literally apply to anyone at anytime.”


Give these songs a listen and notice how Ellie strategically arranges the music to keep the body moving. This not a static, holding postures kind of playlist. “I'd probably incorporate a lot of strength and power and then hit some deep introspective hip openers and forward folds toward the end to come back to that idea of returning to yourself and finding your root,” she offers, “Oh and arm balancing...of course! Nothing better to symbolize the Root 2 Rise theme.”


Pay close attention to Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones. Feel the amazing beat and notice how it has a dark and melancholy tone which, as Ellie says, you could easily miss if you don't know the lyrics. “It's a fascinating song. I think it also reminds you to return home to yourself when the world is closing in on you. Firing up that root chakra!”


LISTEN: Root 2 Rise Playlist


  1. #1 by Aphex Twin
  2. Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac
  3. Walk on the Wild Side by DJ Disse
  4. Everything by City of the Sun
  5. Egyptian Disco by DJ Disse
  6. Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones
  7. Paradise Circus by Massive Attack
  8. Welcome Home, Son by Radical Face
  9. Floating Sweetness by DJ Drez
  10. Dusk by Garth Stevenson


How does this yoga playlist make you feel? We hope strong, rooted, capable, open, and happy.

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