Press Play: Roaring Like a Sweet Lion

Rhythm Maker MC Sweet is both yoga instructor and music maven. She is no stranger to rock n’ roll or killer dance moves – both during a regular yoga class! She offers good tunes that are both refreshing and reminiscent. “Nothing is better than soulful R&B from the 60's and 70's -- those songs are on every playlist I make," says MC. "But new, unknown artists offer a breath of fresh air into the flow.”


MC’s recent Stelari playlist “Roaring Like A Sweet Lion” embraces the the Sanskrit principle Sthira Sukham Asanam. Both in song selection and asana intention, it holds the essence of balance. With too much effort we burn out and, transversely, too much ease and we don’t fulfill our potential.


The songs she picked are made for a practice that has the ferocious nature of the lioness and the sweetness of summertime fun. “Play with 10 strong steady breaths in the asana and balance it with a playful flowing vinyasa,” MC encourages, “Most importantly, finish up with a 20 minute shavasana.”


Talk about sweet balance!


When asked what the pinnacle song of this mix is, MC offers up ‘I Walk Until’ by Yael Naim. “Her femininity is palpable and the upbeat tempo is organic. Her music is creative and unique.” She adds, “Purity Ring is one of my favorite artists of all time, and their song, ‘Bodyache’ feels positive and inquisitive.”


Ready to yoga? Try a little flow that MC teaches: a vinyasa sequence that flows from Virabhadrasana 2, to Trikonasana, to reverse Virabhadrasana, to Prasarita Padottanasana, to Temple pose.


“Music inspires confidence deep in my soul. When I listen to music I remember that we are each woven into the phenomenal fabric of human creativity. Although we express it in different ways, each of our offerings is music from the depth of our being.”


LISTEN: Roaring Like A Sweet Lion


  1. Warm by Joey Pecoraro
  2. Bang Bang by Lawrence Taylor
  3. Sexual Healing by Kygo, Marvin Gaye
  4. The Mother by Xavier Rudd
  5. CHA CHA by D.R.A.M.
  6. Bodyache by Purity Ring
  7. I Walk Until by Yael Naim, Camille
  8. Drip by MOOD ROBOT
  9. Crystal Woman by Martin Jondo
  10. Is This Love by Bob Marley
  11. Like A Virgin by Caught A Ghost
  12. All My Life by Texada
  13. Go Slow by Tei Shi
  14. It’s Alright by Fractures
  15. Don’t Bother They’re Here by Stars Of The Lid

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