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There is a time and place for music in yoga. Sometimes silence is needed and it’s your breath that creates the rhythm rather than the instrument. This is how it is in Ashtanga yoga class – no music is played as per the tradition set by K. Pattabhi Jois.


And sometimes music is offered as the catalyst - a connector between body and mind. The melody can bring students to stillness before the breath takes over the rhythm.


No one knows these settings more than Ashtanga teacher and Stelari Rhythm Maker Jennifer Pierotti. “I do not play music in my public yoga classes as I teach Ashtanga (Mysore),” says Jennifer, “I do however play music when I go to the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers.”


Unlike some yoga teachers who are constantly on the look out for new music, Jennifer depends on her audiophile friends to make recommendations. This is how she came to develop her “Old Soul Flow” playlist that speaks to all ages and interests. The jazz-based songs make her feel relaxed while also invigorated. “There is an overall comfort to my soul when I listen to this playlist that reminds me of simpler times.”


Jennifer created this slow flow to begin supine, slowly making way into sun salutations, standing poses, balance postures, with a descent back to the ground for forward folds and ending with a few restorative poses. The playlist is an arc, as is the class design -- a slow progression building up, then offering a slow embrace to allow you to move into a meditative and quiet place. 


Notice the pinnacle song in this play list is “Who Will Comfort Me”. Jennifer adds:


“At this time in class, students surrender to their bodies, begin to listen to their inner teacher, and refrain from looking beyond their mat. This is the time when they realize who will comfort them is themselves.” 


Press play and let your soul go free and find itself back at home.


LISTEN: Old Soul Flow Playlist


  1. Your Heart is As Black as Night by Melody Gardot 
  2. Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone by Bill Withers
  3. This Heaven by David Glimour
  4. Teardrop by Massive Attack
  5. Fever by Michael Buble 
  6. Who Will Comfort Me by Melody Bardot
  7. 1234 by Feist
  8. Best for Last by Adele
  9. Black Mud by The Black Keys
  10. Colorblind by Counting Crows
  11. Your Love Means Everything by Coldplay
  12. Yellow by Jem
  13. Heaven (Candlelight Version) by Dj Sammy
  14. Stokkseyri by Jonsi & Alex 

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