Press Play: Move With Me

Jenna Jensen (aka @yoginiinheels moving in her Muscle Tee)


When was the last time you danced? Not to any set choreography or programmed steps. But just let go. Let the music move you. Any way you want it to. To dance is like going back in time to when you were two years old and songs made you move. You didn’t care what people thought and you definitely didn’t know any dance steps. There’s a freedom in moving to the beat. It’s a happy place. A youthful place. Something love is sourced from.


That is why we are in love with Rhythm Maker Jenna Jensen’s “Move With Me” playlist of songs that bring about feel-good feelings.


“This playlist is put together with music that helps me find stillness in my movement and movement in my stillness. It draws in a personal connection and makes me think about people that have touched my soul,” says Jenna.


She uses this playlist in a lot of her yoga classes because it makes her feel good and she wants every yoga student in the room to feel that same way.


“I design my movement to match the songs, starting in Savasana and using the tempo of the music to feel your breath. Building the movement from the ground up, and really building a relationship with your body in the very moment you arrive. I like to imagine the playlist is built to bring the class together and my students start to move as one, in breath and movement.”


Take a listen and pay attention to how you feel. Jenna notes that the pinnacle of this playlist might be different for everyone, but for her, right now, it is Sugar by Maroon 5. This song has an upbeat tempo and she says, “the words are love. It doesn't matter where you are, what you're thinking, what you're doing – I need your love.” Jenna wants you to imagine you are doing whatever makes you feel loved, whether it's a pose in your yoga practice, dancing, singing along, calling someone to tell them you need their sugar, whatever makes you feel love. 


Jenna designed this playlist not just for a yoga flow class, “it can be used in whatever activity it inspires - from cleaning the house, making love, a road trip, writing in your journal.”


So go on and press play. We dare you to feel soft, happy, curious, excited, nostalgic, at peace, in wonder. Just move…


LISTEN: Move With Me Playlist 


  1. Past Present Future by Oliver Tank
  2. Painter (Valentine) by Lapsley
  3. I Will Be There by Odessa
  4. Hold On We're Going Home by ASTR
  5. When I Get My Hands On You by The New Basement Tapes
  6. Darlin' You're Sweet by Wise Blood
  7. Mornin' by Star Slinger
  8. Seven Nations Army by Zella Day
  9. Twirl Me by Wildligh, Ayla Nereo Ft. Polish Ambassadors
  10. Sugar by Maroon 5
  11. Where We're Going by DAE
  12. Just A Habit by Low Roar
  13. Bodyweight by Annie Eve
  14. Technicolour Beat by Oh Wonder
  15. You Can't Rush Your Healing by Trevor Hall

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