Press Play: Let Your Light Shine

Imagine your life is like a genie lamp - golden, shiny, with magic powers on the inside. In the busyness of life we forget to polish our lamp and the brilliance dulls. That doesn’t mean our powers are any less. It just means we have to bring attention back to our vessel – the body, mind, soul.


Stepping into an Anton Mackey yoga class is one way to bring back your luster. The heat-building yoga sequences he creates sparks the fire within while the music he plays is like smoke rising from the bottle… letting loose the genie inside.


Anton designed a special playlist of yoga songs for us he calls “Let Your Light Shine”. The fast-paced beats will help you shake off the dust, remove all of the rust, and before you know it you may just be dancing your way through your yoga flow. This playlist is the perfect soundtrack for the Spark of Joy Collection. These prints are inspired by light; wear any of these prints and repeat the unique affirmation to power your internal glow. 


 Luminate yoga tank top and affirmation: I am brilliant, see me glow”


When the song “Sunshine” by Matisyahu plays, move yourself into Goddess pose. This firey pose (that we love and dread) is an Anton Mackey favorite. “This song is so uplifting and motivating to keep us in the pose and ‘push the clouds’re my golden sunshine’.”

photo via @antonyoga11 


"It only takes one spark to light up the dark" - MC Yogi (Song #8)


Press play and get ready to feel uplifted and light!


LISTEN: Let Your Light Shine Playlist


  1. Be Here Now by Cory French, Nahko
  2. Don’t Hold Your Breath by Wookiefoot
  3. To My Soul by Jerry Folk
  4. Soul Phazed by Jessica Hart
  5. Home We’ll Go by Steve Aoki, Walk Off the Earth
  6. Sun Light by MC Yogi
  7. Sunshine by Matisyahu
  8. We Will Shine by MC Yogi, Dominic Balli
  9. Shine by Eligh
  10. Move With The Light by Luminaries
  11. I Will Be Light by Masityahu
  12. Bowl Of Light by Trevor Hall
  13. I Am Light by India.Arie

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