Press Play: #GoalDigger

Every time you workout are setting an intention? Are you pushing yourself to your highest potential? If you don’t set goals, you are totally missing out! Goals are like milestones. You can see how far you’ve come if you know where you are headed.




Chelsea Smith, owner of Pivot Pilates, knows a thing or two about goals. She has always had a passion for movement. With a professional background in classical ballet and contemporary dance, it was only a matter of time until Chelsea discovered Pilates and Yoga. Her Pilates practice began during her training as a professional dancer. Between injuries and scoliosis, she took Pilates classes to help her stay in top dance form. She saw her dance abilities improve and noticed increased strength, balance, and control both in and out of the studio. Her goals kept her on track and motivated. 


While Chelsea now spends most of her workouts on the reformer or at the barre, she loves challenging herself in other workouts like spinning or pushing through a few rounds of HIIT.


She created a Spotify playlist called #GoalDigger that is filled with high-energy, upbeat workout music that continues to build to the end, with the last tracks slowing done for a cool down.


“In Pilates, whether it’s a mat or equipment class, our workouts use one exercise as the base for the next more challenging one,” says Chelsea, “so you are constantly flowing through the exercises and building strength. This playlist flows the same way.”


Get up and dance when Justin Timberlake’s song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” comes on and keep up the energy because “My Body Higher” by Shoffy and Lincoln Jesser is this playlist’s pinnacle tune. Push extra hard knowing that the cool down is coming soon. “The high-energy beat and the uplifting melody helps you push through the final challenging set of the workout,” Chelsea encourages “I like to think of this point in class like reaching the summit of a mountain – you get to the peak and experience the thrill of  ‘I can do it!’ and the satisfaction of accomplishing something hard.”


You did it goal digger!


LISTEN: Goal Digger Playlist


  1. Firefly by Mura Masa, NAO
  2. Raging by Kygo , Kodaline
  3. Once in a While by Timeflies
  4. Work (R3hab Remix) by Rihanna, Drake
  5. Final Song by MØ
  6. Overload (The Chainsmokers Remix) by Life of Dillon
  7. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake
  8. Hymn For The Weekend (Seeb Remix) by Coldplay, Seeb
  9. Takes My Body Higher (feat. Lincoln Jesser) by Shoffy, Lincoln Jesser
  10. Starry Eyed Surprise by Shifty, Paul Oakenfold
  11. For What It’s Worth by Kygo, Angus Stone
  12. Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams


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