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In any given yoga class the instructor leads the yogis through a series of poses, usually building up to an apex pose and guiding them down to the floor for savasana. It’s up to you as a student to listen to your body in each pose – to push further or back off. So while there is a teacher and you are the student, that doesn’t mean you are confined. YOU have the freedom to explore each pose and discover how it feels in your own body. It’s about letting go. Music can help create a rhythm of movement or motivate you to try something different. Maybe take your vinyasa with a 3 Legged Chatarunga or try an arm balance or inversion when the time is right.


It’s your practice.


Rhythm Maker Genevieve Nguyen (@itsyogagirl) created a playlist inspired by the freedom of movement. Her Freedom Flow yoga playlist is the soundtrack to a “fun-loving, free-spirited flow…The music just makes you move and flow however way you want!”


Genevieve uses Feel The Light by JLopez towards the middle of Sun Saluation C. “It makes me feel loved, home, and happy,” she explains, “It’s a powerful part of the flow and the most creative for me. It gets me going and really moving.”


Genevieve finds herself in open-hearted poses with back bends to match how the music makes her feel. Since this your flow, there is no limit to what poses you can or should do with this playlist. Listen, flow and express your freedom and vulnerability, your self-acceptance and love.


LISTEN: Freedom Flow Yoga Playlist

  1. Never Be Like You by Flume, Kai
  2. Kingdom Fall by Claire Wyndham
  3. Someone That Loves You by Honn, Izzy Bizu
  4. Lost Boy by Ruth B
  5. Drop The Game by Flume, Chet Faker
  6. Lose It by Oh Wonder
  7. Temporary Love by The Brinks
  8. Decemeber by Tow’rs
  9. River by Tow’rs
  10. Monsters by Ruelle
  11. Magnets by Disclosure, Lorde
  12. Honey Honey by Feist
  13. Feel The Light by Jennifer Lopez


Genevieve is wearing the Stelari Free Flow Yoga Tank.

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