Moon Yoga Flow That Connects the Soul

The moon is a playful satellite that comes out each night with an ever changing, yet predictable, silhouette. Her light isn’t as blinding as the Sun’s but her power is just as magnificent. While most of us are winding down from a long day and shutting our eyes for a restful sleep, the moon is playing above with an energetic offering we can use as a tool to propel our hopes and desires into reality.


Moon Yoga Flow

To honor the phases of the moon, yoga instructor and Stelari Rhythm Maker Jenna Jensen created a Moon Yoga Flow. This sequence dances through the moon poses just as the moon dances in the night. Follow along for a renewing flow that is calm yet steady, powerful and peaceful. You can practice this flow anytime and especially on a full moon night.


“This sequence I put together is one I turn to when I'm trying to channel the energy of the moon, when I need a soft but magnetic awakening,” says Jenna, “With starting closer to the Earth I settle into my roots - my foundation - and gain a sense of comfort from Mother Earth. With that rooted feeling I take my practice into a couple heart openers showing my openness to receive all of the blessings the Universe is sending my way.



On a Full Moon

A full moon cascades an immense amount of energy. The rotund light source not only has the power to shift the ocean’s tide, but also the tide inside your physical and emotional body. You might notice your emotions (sadness, happiness, anger) are more intense or things seem to be “off”. Stay calm. On a Full Moon transfer the moon’s force into your own action. This is the time for boldness - to let go, to manifest what you truly want, to shine on.


“With the Full Moon I get to manifest and receive what my heart desires,” explains Jenna, “Within that individual awakening, I also explore the feelings of universal love, the ways in which I am connected to the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the stars in the same way that you are, so it would be impossible that we aren't also connected.”



On a New Moon

A new moon darkens the night symbolizing a rebirth. A new moon is a great time for reflection and introspection. What isn’t serving you? What would you like to bring into the light? Let the peaceful stillness act as a reset button and begin again.


“With the New Moon I get to wash away any negative energy or experiences I've had, it's a chance to renew my soul and really turn inward to the whispers of my heart. The New Moon, in my eyes is a rebirth, which I connect to savasana in my yoga asana practice. I view savasana and the new moon as a rebirth to take the next breath and the next movement with pure and honest intention”



Jenna is wearing the Universal Love Free Flow Yoga Tank by Stelari. This print is designed around the intention that we are all connected in this Universe – all creatures, the Earth, Stars, and Moon. This yoga tank holds the mantra "We are connected. We are one." Let this affirmation guide you through the Moon Yoga Flow and feel the power the moon has in our Universe and in YOU.


WATCH: Moon Yoga Flow with Jenna Jensen


Follow the Sequence

Follow along with Jenna and flow this beautiful Moon Flow… 

  • Twisted Crescent
  • Crescent B
  • Baby Half Moon
  • Crescent B and A
  • Warrior 2
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Half Moon
  • Chapasana into Full Moon
  • Vinyasa
  • Cresent A
  • Warrior 2
  • Standing Half Moon
  • Backbend
  • Malasana

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