How to stay strong through the holidays

Are you ready for the busiest season of all? It’s Fall and that means holidays, gift giving, family gatherings, work parties and fancy events. Somehow in the midst of the hustle and bustle we still need to stay focused on the goals we set. Don’t worry, you got this. But in case you need some extra support on how to stay rock solid through the holidays, we got a few tips and sweet gear to keep you going strong.


How to stay strong through the holidays


Know what you want

You need to know what you in order to set goals to go after it. And most importantly, you need to know WHY you want it. The why is your intention – it’s the motivation behind your actions and efforts. If your intention is clear and concise, you can use it as a mantra. When you feel yourself wavering, simply repeat your intention, correct yourself and continue.


If you aren’t clear about what you want, start journaling. Write down what you feel you aren’t getting, what you want more of, and what you want less of. This exercise is useful to uncover a theme of desire – your why. Next, set goals that help you achieve your truest desires.



Join a group

It’s true that together we are stronger. Joining a group of like-minded people is a great way be supported and support others who have a similar goal. For example, if you’re a yogi consider participating in a 30-day yoga challenge. Maybe register for a couple 5K races to keep you training through the season. Or gather your girlfriends for a weekend barre class instead of brunch.



Detox now

After the holidays everyone is after one thing – losing those pesky pounds of indulgence. Everybody is going on a cleanse and working out more. You can be unlike the rest and do it all now. Nutritionist Emily Potter recommends detoxing before the holidays so your body is cleaner and cravings are curbed. It's like paving a smoother road toward your goals. 



Gear up

Match your outer appearance with your inner fierceness. Not only are you dressing the part of a dedicated goal-getting warrior, you are letting others know you are a rock solid force to be reckoned with. Repeat after me: I AM ROCK SOLID.


We know you are. That’s why we teamed up with Sol and Selene and Yoloha to bring you gear gets you rock solid for the Fall. Enter here for a chance to win: Stelari Free Flow Yoga Tank, Stelari Reversible Yoga Leggings, Sol and Serene sachel, and Yoloha Yoga cork yoga mat.



Ready, set, goal-get!

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