How to feel damn good

Style yourself with do good clothing

You never step into your closet hoping to pick out something you don’t like. In fact, the opposite it true – we buy and wear clothing that fits right and feels good on. This especially applies to yoga clothes. Pick pieces that help your practice by asking yourself if your yoga outfit is: 

  1. Comfortable
  2. Soft 
  3. Allows free movement

A huge bonus is when you get all of these from your yoga clothes PLUS the brand you love is making a difference in the world. There’s an opportunity to deepen your mind-body connection with clothes that make an impact – yoga apparel that encourages good, promotes awareness and just feels right. While there are many do-good brands, one in particular caught our attention. 

In beautiful Boulder, Colorado during the uplifting Hanuman Festival, amidst the many fun-loving vendors was The Elephant Pants booth. Their ethically crafted clothes help save elephants. How cool is that? Their do-good initiative not only meets our heart’s passion but the pants perfectly match Stelari's bamboo/organic cotton muscle tees



Why we love The Elephant Pants

Foreign travels sparked change. Soon after a trip to Thailand in 2013, founder Nate Coleman started sourcing elephant pant suppliers and created a Kickstarter campaign to start the brand that saves animals.

Promise of change. The Elephant Pants donates a portion of every sale to the prevention of elephant poaching. To date, they have donated $102,725 to African Wildlife Foundation and other charitable organizations. 


"From 2010 to 2012 alone, an estimated 100,000 elephants were killed illegally for ivory. That's essentially 1 elephant loss every 15 mins - a 50% decline in population in the past 35 years. If we don't help them, they may soon be gone forever."

Shop eco-friendly yoga tops and ethically-crafted yoga pants and FEEL DAMN GOOD.

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