How to Be Rock Solid

While the visuals of Fall are quite calming – leaves floating, breeze blowing, colors turning – this time of year also seems to be more chaotic with routines, holidays and social events in full swing.

Now is the time to stay grounded (like the Fall harvest) and avoid emotional, physical and mental stress. How do you do this?


Be Rock Solid

Stelari’s creative team is enamored with marble. We use the stone for our decorative surfaces, in our daily meditations, and now the textured print is infused into our Fall collection of yoga tanks and our NEW reversible yoga pants. Because marble is magic.


Be like this solid stone that's been created deep in the earth for millions of years. When the moment gets away from you and you feel uneasy, upset, or overwhelmed, think about marble. Root down, get centered and stay still. Then emerge with fluidity and let the daily blips roll off your surface.


Try: Warrior yoga poses to find your steadiness as you connect into the earth.



Marble to Meditate  

The swirling, twirling design of the crystalline stone never repeats. Because of this, marble makes a beautiful drishti (or focal point) to aid in meditation. As your gaze softens on the stone and your breath deepens, you’ll find yourself drifting into a meditative state. Enjoy this moment of relaxation and peace.


Try: Create an at-home yoga space for your meditative retreat. This helps turn the habit of meditation into a ritual.

Marble for Intention 

As with all of Stelari’s yoga tank prints, each has an affirmation to support your intention on and off your yoga mat. Pick your marble mantra, wear your print and behold the rock solid powers you have in this world:

  • Breath: I am present. I am fluid.
  • Vortex: I am centered. I am connected.
  • Honor: I am strong. I am clear.
  • Rock Solid: I am grounded. I am secure.



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