Holiday Yoga Flow: The Gift of Presence

Life is busy. We all feel it. Rhythm Maker KC Immler knows all too well about a jam packed day yet still finds her way to her sacred space for her yoga practice. We asked KC to offer us a Christmas Yoga Flow to get us in the mood for presence. After all, that is the best gift of all. 

Here's KC's take on the holidays, her practice and how you can groove at home:

I've been grooving to some holiday music lately, especially Pentatonic's Christmas album. For me, the holidays bring up a lot of feelings, not entirely all positive. My goal is to keep myself grounded, focused on the things I enjoy, and find gratitude in it all.


When I do a solo practice, I create a sequence that feels right for me in the moment and flow through it a couple of times on each side. This allows me to focus on my breath and quality of movement with each repetition. I love side planks and seem to always incorporate them into every flow that I do. They are also great for arm and core strength, while performing wonderfully as a transition to backbends and heart openers. I love low lunges and heart openers as they bring me focus and the ability to breathe in a backbend with more ease than a full wheel, or other similar poses. Child's Pose always brings it back home to me -- it is a place that feels so safe to me.  Whenever I feel any sort of negative feeling this pose becomes my comfort blanket, a pose I tuck in to.  I can see nothing, but feel my warmth and body moving with my breath. My breath becomes all I hear and allows me to focus on that, reminding me that everything will be all right. 


For those wanting to flow on your own, I recommend listening to music that moves you, not only physically but emotionally. I feel that for a solo practice, I need to be more connected to the movement than just going through poses. Secondly, don't worry about what it looks like, make it feel good. We do yoga for our body and souls - not for others. Thirdly - repetition! I think repetition of fairly short sequences is a good way to start getting creative with stringing poses together. Plus, you can do your sequence as much or as little as you want. And lastly, make your own style. Got some good beats cranking and your booty starts moving? Go with it! Laugh at yourself, have a mini dance session... Do what makes you happy and your soul shine!


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