Get your head in gear for your workout

The accessory that stays put and styles easy

When you workout you’re going to get sweaty, that’s a fact. Because of this, you may not notice how important it is to wear the right clothes or have accessories to match. During this ME time, when your endorphins are rushing and your face is flushing, that is the exact time to show up in the best gear to get your mind and body in gear.


Enter Stelari Chic & Stay Headbands


Our headbands feature 3 crucial design elements

  1. Performance
  2. Comfort
  3. Style



Don’t you hate it when your headband slips off your noggin? We do too! That’s why our headbands include a stretchy band that expands and tightens to fit your beautiful head. Now you can downdog without hair in your face or a headband falling down your back. Phew!



That little stretchy band not only keeps the Chic & Stay headband in place, it’s also the key to your comfort. It provides a flexible and gentle fit while the soft recycled plastic fabric smoothly wraps around leaving no crease, kink or frizz behind when you take it off.



Stelari is known for curating one-of-a-kind prints that are accompanied with a powerful affirmation to help keep you focused on what you want – whatever it is. Our headbands incorporate these same powerful prints to power your purpose. You can match or mix-and-match the prints for ultimate personal style.

Breath X-Ray Rock Solid Reveal


The headbands feature two scarf ends that effortlessly add a beautiful and carefree dimension to the not-so-basic accessory. Wear Stelari Chic & Stay headbands anywhere and everywhere for a sweet look that delivers style while you’re getting sweaty or staying cool.


Check out a few of Hair Tutorials for ideas on how you can wear your Chic & Stay Headband.


WATCH: Stelari Headband Tutorial


WATCH: Hair How To: Headband with Braids


WATCH: Hair How To: Headband with Knot Bun

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