Get the Look: Spark of Joy

You know that feeling of complete and utter joy? It comes from a moment that leaves you feeling replenished and tattoos your memory with a beauty mark. Joy is what sparked our most recent collection of Free Flow Tank prints. From sweet daydreams, to light that sparkles on the sea, to brilliant sunsets - life is filled with beautiful gifts. If you’re paying attention to what sparks your joy you can create a truly blissful life.  


What does joy look like? What if you could style that "spark" - conjure the good times? We think you can, which is why we brought in one of our favorite fashion boutiques, Mae & Marie to help us build a few looks based on what sparks our joy during the Summer.


Bikes on the boardwalk

We spend a lot of time inside the studio sweating and building strength in our favorite classes – barre, spin, hot yoga. When the sun is up and the weather is right, we find pure happiness being active outside. Balancing intense workouts with easy movements allows the body and mind to recover.


Beach time

There’s more to a lazy beach day than sea salt tresses and bronzed skin. The oxygen-rich air is filled with negatively charged ions, which can decrease blood pressure and elevate the mood. With eyes closed, we let the endless waves mentally wash over us as we drift into a meditative state.


Girls night out

True friends are hard to find and we are inspired by them. Be sure to always make quality time for the women you love. While we love having our bestie on the mat next to us in yoga class, nothing beats a girls night out with belly-aching laughter and great conversation. Fill up on friends and good food. It’s time well spent.



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