Experience wholeness with a Mandala Yoga Flow

At a recent video and photo shoot with Yoga Instructor Jenna Jensen (@yoginiinheels), we had her wearing various Spark of Joy Collection prints. One of the prints is named Prism. At first glance, you notice it is beautifully colored with pastels, but upon looking closer you see the layers of original engineered graphics that makes this print pure art. The print features a geometric pattern on the front juxtaposed with a flirty floral and the Flower of Life mandala that drapes down the racerback tank.



With this yoga tank on, we continued to stare at the mandala and discussed our love of making this shape. Mandala in Sanskrit means “circle” and is a symbol or pattern that represents the Universe and the cosmos. This embodiment of wholeness is the essence of yoga.


Yoga: to yolk, to bring together as one; wholeness


That’s when Jenna told us she has a Mandala yoga flow. What is that exactly? Jenna explained the mandala yoga sequence represents balance and a unity of everything that surrounds us - our breath, body, mind, soul and spirit, our essence. “Personally when I practice and teach a mandala flow it represents an openness, a willingness, if you will, to experience life from all perspectives,” says Jenna. “Turning our gaze to everything around us - north, east, south, and west - we see all, we feel all. Opening our hearts to the world as it is displayed from where we stand.” 


The Flower of Life Mandala featured on the Prism yoga top is an exquisite design made of evenly-spaced, overlapping circles that creates a flower-like shape. Inside the one large circle are 19 complete circles and 36 partial circular arcs. Philosophers, architects and artists have long been inspired by the Flower of Life mandala because of its perfect form, proportion and harmony. Because of this harmony and symmetry, this mandala is commonly used as a focal point (or drishti) during meditation as well as yoga.


The affirmation used for the Prism print is “I am light. See me reflect.” Repeat the mantra and practice alongside Jenna in this meditative mandala flow that is steady and whole.


WATCH: Mandala Yoga with Jenna Jensen

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