Go Green Plus DIY Plant Wall Ideas

A bohemian look isn’t just reserved for the clothes we wear. Our “anything goes” aesthetic is also a style we love for our home. In our sacred place where we are surrounded by loved ones, it only makes sense to decorate with pieces we truly love. If it doesn’t match – who cares! Old, new, rustic or modern… how do you style your space?


In the New York Times best-selling book The New Bohemians, Author and Designer Justina Blakeney describes six types of bohemian home décor styles : 

  • The Modern
  • The Earthy
  • The Folksy
  • The Nomadic
  • The Romantic
  • The Maximal



As we flip through the pages of beautiful spaces, well-dressed apartments, and cozy homes, we find ourselves taking special notice of the plants that (literally) breathe life into the nooks they fill. It’s a wonder how a bit of green can make such a big statement. We are clearly The Earthy Bohemian as described by Justina here:


“Nature rules. The earthy bohemian home is full of foresty fancies: rattan and wool, plants and pets, earth tones and weathered woods. Relaxed and airy, informal with rustic details, the earthy bohemian home is the place for those whose feet are on the ground but whose heads are in the stars.”


No matter what bohemian type you are, plants should be your friends. In a world that communicates with fast-texting thumbs it’s good to slow down and get your green thumb. We must stay grounded. So whether you’re living in a tiny studio apartment or boast of a big backyard, bring in a bit of earth. The air, the energy and your home will positively benefit from it.


Our favorite leafy greens (and not-so-leafy greens) are these easy-care plants that do well indoors:


Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Our new obsession is this tree (yes, tree!) that doesn’t mind living indoors and beautifully fills in bare corners and neutral rooms. It’s a rotund-leafed green that stands tall and loves to live in warm environments.

image via deucecitieshenhouse



These cacti-related cuties come in many shapes and sizes, do well with minimal water (once a week) and love a dose of direct sunlight at some point in the day.


Air Plants

No soil needed for these sweet figures. All you need is a weekly mist and your imagination – place on counters, tabletops and desks.



Next… time to get decorating. We love the look of lots of greens together. Let your plants be your artwork.


Try one of these DIY plant walls:


Rolling Greens

We could have easily used a shelving unit for a similar look, but got a creative spark and opted to give DIY a try. We (me and the husband) started with a sturdy square frame (or any shape you want). Next, cut a 2x4 that will fit inside of the frame, diving it in half. Then, cut 6 more shorter-length pieces that will span from the middle divider to the outer frame and nail or screw them into place. This structure can easily be done using horizontal lines (like a shelf) but we chose a chevron pattern which took some math and angles to get the cuts correct. Remember, being bohemian isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being YOU. So if you mess up, don’t worry – you can pass it off as your intention. 

Once the structure is complete, start draping it with pieces you love, like candles, buddhas, macramé curtains and of course plants – potted and hanging.

Plus: We put our plant wall on wheels so we could roll it inside and out depending on the season.




Chest of Drawers

We LOVE this must-have décor featuredin The New Bohemians book. How amazing is this purposeful and super pretty use of a chest of drawers/planter?! Line the drawer(s) with plastic, add in a layer of rocks/pebbles for drainage and fill with soil and your plant.




Palette Planter

Deconstruct an old palette – they have character and is a repurposed plus. Grab several tin buckets, drill holes in the back and simply screw them into the wood panels. Be sure to grab short screws so they don’t go all the way through the wood. This is a great way to plants herbs for cooking.


Ready to get green? Head to the nursery and befriend the people there. They will send you off with beautiful plants and instructions for how to care for your living décor. From crawling vines to hanging ivy, frilly leaves to prickly cacti, put life into your home with earthy bohemian style.




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