Barre Core + Cool Down with Kari Johnson

The main reason we workout is for the results, right? We go to increase strength and decrease stress. The euphoria we feel upon completing the workout is the mental reminder of why we return to get the muscle tone we long for.


We love barre class for this reason. While we’re cringing our way through the tucking, planking and shaking, we know we’re on our way to physical and mental strength. Barre workouts don’t rely on heavy weights, but rather the pulsing and control of the body to burn out muscles, and then stretch them to create long, lean muscle tone.


Just as it’s important to warm up the muscles before you get into the nitty gritty of the sweaty 60 minutes, it’s also vital to cool down. If you skip out on the cool down, then you’re leaving your body stranded. The muscles need to regulate and repair. Then again, why would you skip the cool down? It's the best part of the whole workout (maybe because it's the end?).


A 5 minute fix that will feel good and be effective


Wearing Stelari's Daydream Free Flow Yoga Tank, barre studio owner Kari Johnson takes us through the dreamiest part of barre class - the core and cool down. While these moves are done at the end of her full-body barre workout class, you can do them anytime and anywhere. 


In the electronic world we live in where we’re hunched over computers and looking down at our phones, we must reverse the body’s distress with core work and leg stretches. Strengthening the core improves posture and reduces back pain while stretching the hamstrings and hips is crucial to offset the side effects of sitting all day.


Time to cool off.


WATCH: Barre Core + Cool Down with Kari Johnson

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