Anatomy of a Yoga Tank

We believe what you wear matters… especially in yoga. Probably seems counterintuitive, right? Considering the reason we return to our yoga mat is to disconnect from the ego and physical attachments. Still, what you wear matters… in a different way. 

For every vinyasa flow you take to the deep poses you hold, you need a top that moves with your body. Meet Stelari’s Free Flow Yoga Tank. The design of this yoga top features elements we find crucial to your workouts (not just for yoga):





We like a longer fit that seamlessly and smoothly transitions with your favorite yoga leggings. Our tank length is perfect so you don’t have to tug at it or pull it down.



Our complimentary neckline isn’t too high or too low and helps keep your girls in while you feel free, feminine and in the flow.



Our yoga tanks feature a racer back silhouette. Not only is this a look we love, it's also extremely useful in keeping your mind focused. Pulling up slipping straps is so distracting; our straps stay on your shoulders.



The most common feedback we get from our customers is that they LOVE the fabric of our Free Flow Tanks. The fabric we use is a combination of PET recycled polyester (sourced from recycled plastic) and spandex. It’s the softest feel you’ll experience and it feels great knowing you’ve kept water bottles out of landfills. We also chose the right amount of spandex that smooths your curves and keeps your top moving with and feeling good on your body.


Stay Dry

The recycled polyester we use naturally wicks moisture away from the skin for faster absorption. This allows you to keep dry while you’re getting sweaty.



A pretty pattern and palette is easy on the eyes and is often why we are drawn to the garment we buy. Our prints are beyond pretty - they are also purposeful. Stelari’s creative team dedicates a positive affirmation (or mantra) with each print. You might embrace and repeat the mantra associated with the print or maybe you won’t. Either way, what you are wearing is soaked in love and our positive vibes... just for you.


Fit Size

Women not only wear our tanks in their yoga, barre and spin classes, they're also pairing them with denim, leather, and heels for an ultra glam look. It's athletic wear so beautiful you won't want to confine it to just your workouts. The versatility is even noted in our fit guide. If you're an inversion junkie in yoga class you will want to stick to your size. However, if you're thinking of going for a more boho street style, we recommend sizing up for a looser fit. 


So yes, what you wear matters. To you, that is. You should only wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. Your soul will love the attention.

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