The Power of Giving Love

By Kurt Tropiano, Guest Contributor 


True, heartfelt love is one of the strongest emotions in the world. It has the power to transform and open up lives to the joy that is around each and every one of us. It is amazing when you find that love within yourself, and absolutely beautiful when you choose to let it overflow and share it with those around you.


At the start of June 2016 I spent 9 weeks as a counselor at camp Weequahic, a summer camp in Pennsylvania for kids from the ages of 7-15. My time there provided me with many priceless learning experiences and growth one of which I would like to share with you today.


For the first couple of weeks at camp, I felt quite unsettled. That feeling you get when you just haven’t quite found your feet yet and aren’t quite fully comfortable, but you just can’t put your finger on why?


I knew I needed to shift to bring myself closer to center, I just wasn’t certain how I was going to do that. Around that time I distinctly recall a conversation I had previously had with one of my good friends back home Anthea who helped me when I was struggling with where I was at. I was focusing so hard on myself and trying to shift where I was at that time, but she challenged me to get out of myself and give in service to others. While that hadn’t really resonated with me at the time of our conversation, all of a sudden it seemed to be incredibly relevant and in that moment I realized how to shift.


I understood the best way I could serve others and myself was to open up my heart and give love. Every morning before breakfast I would write, “give love” in black marker on my forearm as a constant reminder of my intentions. Specifically I focused on giving love in every way I could. In the words I would speak, in every interaction I had, in the way I would listen, in every gesture I made; I gave from my heart, without looking for anything in return.

Interesting things started to happen when I changed my focus. First and foremost, giving love to others amplified the love I began to feel for myself and along with that came peace, connection and strength. Secondly I noticed that people became drawn to me and this allowed the fostering of many close connections. In particular with a set of twins who due to not having a relationship with their father when they were young they had closed up their hearts not trusting or letting anyone in for years. Each occasion I spent time with them I focused on being fully present and opening my heart, flooding them with love and light. What I found was that the conversations would feel very guided and flow where they needed to, allowing space to be created for healing to occur. There were particular times where I felt the need to just sit there, hold space and could feel the love pouring from me as a greeny/pink light and wrap around them like a blanket.


The unbelievable shift in the girls was incredible. As time went on the ice around their hearts began to melt and they started to feel real joy and recognize their own beautiful light whilst starting to share it with others. By the time we left camp they both shared with me that they finally knew what it felt like to live and to love.


This incredible learning showed me the power that we all have when we choose to dive into our hearts and genuinely give love and light, from that deep space, without agenda.


I know that this will sound quite cliché, but if each of us can find it within ourselves to give as much love as we can, to whomever/whatever the universe puts in front of us. We WILL change lives - especially our own.



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