10 ways to set intentions for the New Year

New Year’s Resolutions – we love them and loathe them. On the one hand, setting a goal, like a resolution, is good for us. It gives us something to work toward. And on the other hand, resolutions fall apart so quickly and leave us feeling unaccomplished. Then, a year later, we do it all again.

The reason for the failed resolutions isn’t that we aren’t strong-willed enough or determined enough, it’s that our intent isn’t harnessed. Having a clear intention that is meaningful and purposeful allows the mind, body and soul to connect with the outcome.


Here are a few tips for creating an intention that will help bring your resolutions to reality. 

  1. Write down your resolutions and next to each one write down “WHY” you want to achieve it.
  2. Make a vision board of what the ideal 2016 looks like to you – include positive words, images, and colors.
  3. When you need a dose of will, inspiration or motivation, go outside for a walk or run. Connecting to nature lifts the mood and increases your creative flow.
  4. Share your goals and desires with your friends, and listen to theirs. Encourage and support one another.
  5. Set mini goals. For example, “this week I will go to yoga class 3 times” or “today, I will take 10 deep breaths.”
  6. Pick a power word that represents “You” in 2016. Something like: strong, resilient, peaceful, joy, clarity.
  7. Use a mantra and repeat it when you wake, before bed, during meditation and when you are feeling weary. It’s like your internal pep talk. Check out a few of our favorite mantras here.
  8. Try something new. Instead of doing what you normally do to accomplish your goal, try something different to invigorate and inspire yourself.
  9. Each day, write down 3 things you are grateful for. Notice the small blessings and even the small daily successes. For example, “I am grateful I stayed in chair pose for one breath longer than I thought I could”.
  10. Love yourself now. You are perfect just as you are. Recognize the beauty and strength you have within you and you will be victorious.

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