10 ways to celebrate Winter Solstice

On December 21 in the Northen Hemisphere we witness the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. For three days, the sun appears to stand still on the horizon before it starts to move back the other way. This day marks the beginning of Winter.

What is beautiful about Winter Solstice is that, while it’s the shortest day of the year, every day after begins to have more light. It’s like an awakening, a rebirth. We love celebrating the Solstice because we are honoring the beauty of the darkness and the light.


"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." - Francis Bacon


10 ways you can celebrate Winter Solstice:

  1. Spend some time alone to reflect on your inner Self
  2. Go for a walk in silence to connect with nature
  3. Meditate
  4. Retreat indoors with hot tea and a good book
  5. Journal your highlights of the year
  6. Take a warm bath
  7. Light candles
  8. Write down what you want to let go of, then burn it in a fire
  9. Make a vision board
  10. Practice restorative yoga


We often want to wish cold Winter days away and welcome the warm Summer season, but try to remember the peace this season brings. Follow nature’s lead. Branches are bare, snow covers the land and animals hibernate. Enjoy this calmness by celebrating Winter Solstice.

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