Why the ocean is a powerful healer

by Mary Clare Sweet (aka MC Sweet)

Let’s think about the space of love and compare it to an ocean. Imagine the beautiful waves flowing over mother earth. Imagine the color of the water, the lush green seaweed, and the way the water moves easily. There seems to be no struggle in the ocean water flowing. If it meets a rock or a branch on the shore, it simply embraces it. It does not stop flowing. It does not make a big deal about the rocks it splashes up against. It simply recedes and approaches again, and recedes and approaches again.

As it does so it softens the edges of the rocks, but it does not change itself. WE KNOW the ocean is not weak because of this. The ocean is mighty strong as it moves with tremendous energy. Like the ocean, Universal LOVE is meant to move rhythmically and with great healing. 

The curious thing about ocean water is that by composition it is incredibly healing.

  • It enhances the elasticity and vitality of our largest organ, our skin!
  • Swimming in ocean water encourages the limbs to pump blood to the abdomen sending more oxygen to the brain. This cultivates the kind of clarity needed to be the observer and be truly present.
  • The natural rhythm of ocean waves lulls the body into the parasympathetic nervous system allowing our body to rest and activate our inner healing mechanisms.
  • Even simply sitting sea side allows negative ions that charge ocean air to absorb into the body. This ultra healing air accelerates our ability to receive oxygen helping you feel chilled out and groovy.

I experienced a very powerful moment in the ocean at Holbox Island a few years ago. It was nearly midnight and I was alone on the beach. The moon light was so bright the waters were glowing neon. I could see everything around me. As I approached the water, the moon beams shone down alighting a path on the ocean waves. Walking to the light, I paused and realized how insignificant many of my stressors at home really were. The enormity of the ocean and the way the radiant moon lighted my way offered me a brand new perspective. As my feet touched the water, I experienced deep healing that has stayed with me ever since.

By nature and by nurture, the magnificent ocean soothes even the most frayed of edges. It will connect you to Mother Earth and, with you, she will share her ancient secrets. No matter if you are in the mountains, the forrest or the beach, the magnitude of nature’s healing power is a key to unlocking your own magical potential.

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea”

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