Yoga for holiday stress

Lesley Fightmaster's solution to celebrating the season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No matter how prepared we are for the holiday season, there is a natural stress that accompanies these wintery months of celebration. Whether it’s overstimulation from parties and shopping, overindulgence from the goodies, or overwhelm from the hustle and bustle – stress sets in. 

When we relieve stress with yoga not only does our physical body feel the release, but the mental and emotional body also receives the benefit. Most of us carry stress in our shoulders, neck and back so the best way to undo the tension is to practice yoga poses that target those areas.

Yogaworks teacher trainer Lesley Fightmaster created Yoga for the Holidays sequence of poses that masterfully opens you up and gives you sweet release in your tense areas.


She practices on The Moon Yoga Mat Towel because “it inspires our intentions to come to life.” Before you practice, Lesley urges the yogi to set an intention for the yoga flow. Utilize The Moon Towel’s symbolic print to find your “Intuition”. By tuning into your inner self through movement, you meet our intuition. This intuition allows you to have clear thoughts and make mindful decisions.

WATCH: Yoga for the Holidays with Lesley Fightmaster video


When you’re feeling overwhelmed, especially during the holidays, harness the intuition you’ve gained to recognize what will help increase or alleviate stress in your day. For example, if you’re feeling on-edge opt for online shopping instead of tackling the busy mall. Or, instead of saying yes to every holiday party invite, opt for a quiet night in with a book or meditation.


Time to celebrate the holidays stress-free with yoga that does the body good. Happy Holidays!

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