The best gift to give for good karma

Like a boomerang, the energy you put out comes back to you. We think this also applies to the tangible presents we give to others. That’s why we spend time shopping for gifts that are mindful in purpose and give good energy to the ones we love. 

We’ve compiled our favorite good-vibe finds we know she will love. If she’s a boho babe, a travel bug or flowing yogini, our cheat sheet gift guide will help you find the perfect gift that’s wrapped in good karma. 

Grab these goodies and your shopping is done!



Does her bohemian spirit long to sway in the wind, dance in the rain and walk gently across the earth? Touch her soul with treasures that are sweet to the senses and on the planet. Pick items that are made from recycled or organic materials and help her decorate her space with elements from nature. Our top picks:



Is she always planning her next journey and ready to jet set at a moment's notice? Give her items that blend style with functionality. She'll love wearing easy-to-pack layering tops that fit beautifully inside a new backpack. Every wanderluster needs a good book to read that will inspire her travels.



When people ask where she is, you know she's most likely flowing on her yoga mat. Send her off with yoga essentials that will melt her heart, like a moisture-wicking yoga flow top, non-slip yoga mat towel, and a stone that energizes her.

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