Journey into a yoga retreat, Part 2

We all need a vacation. It’s what we work toward to give the body and mind a needed break from everyday stressors. When you think of going on vacation do you picture waves, soft sandy beaches and umbrella drinks? What about yoga, meditation, learning and connecting with strangers? Vacations are necessary, but a yoga retreat gives you something more…a transformation.

Any time spent on your yoga mat is a chance to grow and learn – about yourself and the world around you. A yoga retreat gives you two opportunities: 

  1. To get away from your physical environment
  2. To find your rhythm

Physical environment

The unknown can cause anxiety and also excitement. Whether it’s your first yoga retreat or your tenth, a change of environment is a naturally good stressor. What will it be like? Who will I meet? What will I learn?

Removing yourself from your everyday environment will not only relieve you from day-to-day responsibilities, but it will also place you in a new space for a shift to occur. 

Erin Lewis knows firsthand about what a yoga retreat offers. She recently attended MC Sweet's Phoenix yoga retreat and found "an environment where there were minimal distractions and I could truly focus on my intention of being there.”

Being away welcomes a retreat inward.

(MC Sweet in the yoga flow)

Find Your Rhythm

When you get outside of your comfort zone and get away, you have the opportunity to come home to yourself. A yoga retreat is like putting ear buds in and drowning out the sounds of the world. With an extended immersion on your yoga mat you will begin to align the mind, body and spirit. This alignment centers the soul so your authentic rhythm beats louder.

Fellow yoga retreater Jasmine Kingsley agrees: “my intention is to open my heart and mind, to literally retreat.”

The journey of a yoga retreat leaves you open to receive and ready to reflect. Lauren Brown, Director of Operations for Lotus House of Yoga (aka Vibe Tribe Travel Guru) assists traveling yogis on MC Sweet’s retreats and knows about the experience students and instructors have on a yoga retreat. 

“We all go on a yoga retreat searching for something. If by the end of the retreat, whatever it is you were searching for has been found, I consider it a success. It is such a transformational journey!” says Brown, “Students are lighter, happier, more relaxed, more confident. There is a sense of restoration that takes place in the mind, body and soul during a yoga retreat and by the end everyone is renewed and restored!”


The Takeaway

The most important part of the yoga retreat is how you emerge from it. The 4 best ways to hold on to the experience of the retreat when you return home is to:

1. Keep in touch with your fellow retreat students

2. Journal about your journey

3. Reflect on photos and memories

4. Share your story when you get home

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