5 fabrics you need to wear now

by Kestrel Jenkins


Reading clothing labels is tricky business. The “materials” section of the tag can get you in a tizzy when all you want to do is find the best fabrics to wear, for you and the environment.

No need to feel down or overwhelmed by it though. We’ve got you covered with 5 of our favorite conscious fabrics to wear now.

Check out these fab 5 that are helping create a better future for fashion. 

1. Organic Cotton

We seek out organic in the grocery store and the coffee shop. We want the fresh organic fruits and veggies and we want the organic coffee beans. So why wouldn’t we want to put organic on our skin- our largest organ? We are what we eat. Maybe we are what we wear too?

2. Recycled P.E.T.


At least 60 million plastic bottles go to landfills each day in the U.S. alone. Try on Stelari’s tank top for size. Made of this smart recycled fabric, you can look good and feel good about doing your part to reduce the plastic impact. 

3. Tencel

Tencel uses 80% less water than cotton, yet still has that uber comfy feel. Made from Eucalyptus trees, Tencel is soft, breathable and less prone to wrinkles. 

4. Vintage Materials

Vintage materials can add a distinct flair to your style and can help clean up some of the “dirty” reality of fashion. Americans throw away about 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person, per year. Why waste that when it could be reinvented into something rad? Designers are getting innovative and reusing vintage textiles to make fresh, fashionable pieces.

5. Hemp

Using the same amount of land, hemp can produce 250% more fiber than cotton. Naturally, hemp is antibacterial and protects your skin from the sun. And, hemp viscose feels like a dream.



From a young age, Kestrel was piecing together outfits & changing them multiple times a day. She contributes a great deal of her fashion eye to her Mom, Linda, and her beloved Grandma Lee.

Her degrees in global studies & international journalism led her to merge two of her passions: social responsibility + fashion. The origins, composition, and story behind her clothing & accessories quickly became integral to her lifestyle & aesthetic. In 2009, she completed a yearlong project called Make Fashion Fair, in which she pledged to only purchase clothing that was made consciously with regard to people & the planet. 

Currently, she resides in Ocean Beach, San Diego, and dedicates much of her time to her projects AWEAR World and Falcon Related.


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