The final super moon of the year makes for super opportunity

On October 26 and 27, put down your phone, turn off the television and look up into the night sky? The last super moon of the year (the last of 6 in 2015) will not disappoint sky gazers with its white sphere hanging high and incredible light illuminating the earth and casting large shadows. This particular super moon is 14% closer to Earth, 30% brighter and called the Hunter’s Moon. 

The name for this bright beauty is rooted from the Native American tradition of using the bright lunar light to guide the last hunts before winter. It’s beautiful to imagine ancient humans connected to the Earth, the moon and animals like that.

In addition to the visual magnificence of a super moon, there is also a shift in Mother Nature – think higher tides and even earthquakes. If a super moon can cause that much upheaval on planet Earth it’s not hard to believe the power it can have on the human soul. 

Full moons are a chance to shed light on the areas of life that need attention, love and care. With that awareness, comes an opportunity of change - to welcome in what we want and manifest greatness. When a super moon comes along that also happens to be the last of 6 in one year, the metaphorical and literal light shines even brighter on what we have and what we want.

Embrace this powerful time by believing in what you want and then opening up to receive it all.

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