5 Booty Blasting Barre Moves

Tone your tush with Karie Johnson

If you brave the barre you will see results. The barre workout builds long, lean muscles, like those of a dancer. To get this strength and tone, barre classes use a series of repetitive, small range of motion exercises to a point of exhaustion in order to “burn out” the muscles. Expect to shake – a lot. It’s a full-body workout that will push you past what you think is your limit, but the results are amazing.


Stelari friend Karie Johnson, owner of barre3 North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley (AZ), shows us 5 Booty Blasting Moves we do in her classes, but can easily be done at home (or grocery checkout line). Before barre3, Karie was an elementary school teacher. She fell in love with the barre3 workout and now uses her teaching experience to inspire and motivate her barre students to push through the burn and feel the sweet release at the end. Karie is wearing Stelari Free Flow Tank Luminate. This print represents the affirmation "I am brilliant. See me glow." Repeat the mantra to power your purpose through these barre exercises.


WATCH: 5 Booty Blasting Barre Moves with Karie Johnson


For each exercise, do 1-2 minutes of the small range of motion movements then flush out muscles with 1 minute of large range of motion movements. Switch sides. Move on to the next exercise.


Use a chair, counter or couch for the standup seat work exercises of moves #1-3. Using a ball in exercise 2 is optional – you can even use a small kid’s beach ball. For exercises 4-5, grab a mat and get to the floor (resistance band optional).


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