DIY: making dreams come true

How to manifest with a vision board

Whether you realize it or not, your brain thinks about 50,000 thoughts per day. In the midst of all of that thinking, your thoughts include reminiscing about the past and having visions of the future. 

Some thoughts are fleeting and some stick with you. By giving an abstract idea a physical state, you create a visual that lets your brain better connect the thought to a feeling. For example, if you think about living near the beach, put up pictures of the ocean.

While we only truly have the present moment, it is possible to manifest the future we want through visualization. Intentional manifestation includes taking a thought or desire, creating a vision board and watching it come to life. This process is how Stelari’s collection of prints are born. Are you ready to manifest the life you want?

How to make a vision board: 

Step 1

Find your rhythm with exercise and writing. Physical movement (like yoga, running or cycling) wakes up your physical body and stirs your creative juices. Put pen to paper and journal your thoughts. Don’t worry about sentence structure, just let it free flow. These two practices help you connect with your authentic core and help bring clarity to your intentions. 


Step 2

Find meaning. Once your intention is set, it’s time to move more energy toward it with visuals. For this, we collect small objects like pictures, words, colors, fabrics and items that represent the desired goal.

Stelari tip: Read books and attend events on the subject to ignite your creative fire and connect you deeper to what you want.


Step 3

Make a vision board. Take a large piece of poster board or cork board and start pasting or pinning the items you collected on it. There is no right or wrong way to make your vision board. Make it clean, scattered, busy, or colorful – this is YOUR manifestation platform. Express yourself visually.

Stelari tip: Using Pinterest to create boards is an awesome way to collect and organize your visions, thoughts, ideas and desires. By creating pin boards you might also inspire others to tap into their creativity.


Step 4

Keep your vision board in a place where you can see it regularly. By seeing the vision board your spirit will be lifted and this you will subconsciously set forth a path of manifestation that will blow your mind. Things will just start happening.

Stelari tip: Use a shadow box frame to hang your vision board. This way, it fits well into your home décor and you can easily swap out boards or add to them.


Vision boards are a way to let your desires be seen. Don’t be afraid to dream and be prepared for them to come true.

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