How to set an intention by wearing powerful art

Take flight in the next generation of fashion


Yoga is a place to clear the mind. It’s also the place where some of the greatest thoughts come to life. We know that where the mind goes the body will follow, as will the soul. That is why setting an intention before a yoga flow powers the mind to stay present and sets the path of positive manifestation.

What if intention didn’t just power your yoga practice? What if it powered your life? What if your intention was infused into the clothes you wear? 

Welcome to prints with purpose

This is the heart of Stelari. Our prints blend color, graphic design, photography and hand-drawn elements to create a visual representation of a meaningful intention. This artwork speaks to the soul - from the yoga mat towels you sweat on, to the tanks you move in, to the soft kimonos you throw on over.

Style upgrade

As you rise from savasana and return to your regular breath, the real world begins to seep in with a negative story. I’m stressed. I’m not good enough. I can’t.

Bring your thoughts back to the same intentions you embrace during yoga class. Support positive thinking by wearing clothes as visually powerful as the thoughts you choose.

In a recent Yoga Journal article, the Stelari print kimono was named a top pick of wraps to wear after yoga. Set your intention and upgrade your style in the next generation of fashion. Give yourself some kimono love that is:

  • Made from recycled material. Just like our Free Flow Tanks, our boho kimonos are made from recycled plastic and feel lusciously soft.
  • Consciously created with engineered one-of-a-kind prints that are layered with intent and meaning.
  • Our kimonos are sweat wicking and light making them perfect to throw on over your workout gear or worn out for a night on the town.
  • A must-have "signature" piece for the boho babe.

Pick your print

Put on an intention-soaked kimono to power you through your entire day:

  • Wear the Agate kimono as a reminder of our powerful ability to heal yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally. The raw stone image drapes over your shoulders and reveals the exquisite pattern that lies inside a rough stone. Agate echoes our #84 mantra: Nourish your spirit. Heal from the inside out.

  • Get lost in the The Sun print with its ethereal layers and design. A rising sun over the Grand Canyon illuminates the darkness. Light is symbol of joy and abundance. The Sun echoes our #72 mantra: I am enough. 

Like a cloak of consciousness, Stelari prints style your life and soul on the go.

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