How Yoga Rocks the Park makes new neighbors

Creating community in a city near you

Decades ago we knew our neighbors - we delivered homemade cookies to new families moving in, spent afternoons watching the kids play in the front lawn, planned neighborhood block parties, and we kept an eye on their homes when they were on vacation. This neighborly connection has seen a downfall. 

Now, we are more connected to our devices than the people living next door. We spend hours on social media joining virtual communities instead of attending social gatherings. Old school community has waned. But one event company plans to change all that. 

Yoga Rocks the Park (YRP) is a national leader in providing yoga festival opportunities in cities across America. These events aim at bringing people back together for an outdoor, all-levels 75-minute yoga class featuring each city's most inspiring local yoga teachers accompanied by music, kids camp, and a shop local vendor village. In addition to a day outdoors practicing yoga, flowing to great music and meeting new “neighbors”, each YRP city chooses a “Not for Profit” and a portion of proceeds is donated back to that organization.

“It’s about creating conscious commUNITY emphasizing healthy lifestyles and "Go Green" perspectives,” says Wayne Hoffman, YRP Operations Manager, when asked about the purpose of Yoga Rocks the Park.

Connecting with others is a core value of Stelari’s and we wanted to take part in the fun. We arrived at the Phoenix Yoga Rocks the Park event, set up our camp, and watched the magic happen. There is a renewing beauty to see the many different people show up to events like these. They are prioritizing their physical, mental and emotional health by carving out time to arrive on their mat at a community-based function.

With all the stress and dis-ease present in today’s hurried and technology-filled world, it is time to take pause get to know your neighbors. 

Create Community

1. Knock on a door and meet your neighbor face to face. Offer a handshake or warm hug.
2. Attend local events, like Yoga Rocks the Park to expand your neighborhood.
3. Be an example and invite friends to join you.


It’s good for the soul, it’s good for the kids, and it’s good for your community.

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