Top 5 things bliss girls do at Bhakti Fest

Do you love dancing with devotion, being captivated by sacred music and feeling connected with a conscious community? If your answer is yes, then Bhakti Fest is for you! This festival offers yoga, music, and dance, “all intended to inspire devotion.”

Stelari Founder Kim Roach and fellow yogini Jen Rivers drove hundreds of miles to arrive on the spiritual grounds of Joshua Tree – home of Bhakti Fest West. They dropped their bags off at their cool hotel, then joined thousands in the mystical desert land to get blissed out by love. 

When you’re not in a yoga class, what does one do at Bhakti? Our Bhakti Bliss Girls gave us their top 5 things to do at Bhakti Fest. 

1. Receive sound healing

Start your weekend off right by moving from imbalance to balance through sound. The vibrations shift your brain waves to a meditative state and gets your chi ready to receive.


2. Dance with Shiva Rea

After a tantric dance session in a Shiva Rea class, you will radiate, vibrate and feel amazing. The key is to let go of your ego, close your eyes and move your body any way that feels good.


3. Attend nightly kirtan

Feel the magic in the air as the music sifts through swaying bodies and drifts through the desert air. Kirtan music is soulful, sacred and beautiful. Sing along if you can. Magic!


4. Get some body art

Adorn your feet and hands with the deep reddish-brown color of a henna tattoo. It’s a great way to experience ancient tradition while remembering your Bhakti bliss for days after you return home.


5. Explore vendor village

Nosh on the healthy and delectable tastes from the festival food trucks. Visit the vendor booths to shop and connect with old and new like-minded friends, like Niyamasol (@niyamasol), The Yoga Blog and SF Yoga Magazine


To top off the list of top things to do at Bhakti Fest… #6 Take lots and lots of pictures!




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