Gain courage and strength with this yoga class

At home yoga sequence by Lesley Fightmaster 


As a student of yoga for more than 15 years, Lesley Fightmaster understands the fun challenges we face on the mat. Our practice ebbs and flows and if we stay mindful, we reap the beautiful benefits of yoga. Lesley's YouTube channel offers free yoga classes for all levels and styles. 

Setting an intention for class is a powerful tool to connect your body with mind. In one video, she designs a class for Courage, Strength, Resilience.

"This class is about remembering our courage, strength and resilience. I was reminded by Stelari with the 9 of Wands Yoga Mat Towel. Sometimes we can go through many obstacles in order to find our true path and chase our dreams. Many times we get close and then one last set-back hits hard. Remember, if it's your dream, NEVER give up!"

Find your yoga space, unroll your mat and towel and flow through this beautiful, power flow. 

WATCH NOW: Yoga for Courage, Strength, Resilience with Lesley Fightmaster


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