How to be mindful for a strong yoga class

Set an intention that sticks

You show up to the studio, unroll your mat and wait for yoga class to begin. In those moments, where are your thoughts? Have you shown up with a purpose?

Setting an intention for yoga class is an important key to connecting the body with the mind – otherwise we are just moving our bodies. Yes, there is great benefit to the physical poses. However, once you pair your asanas with mantras, you will discover an internal shift that shines to the outside world.


How it works

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. Have you ever reminisced about a past experience and suddenly felt sad? Or maybe you’re thinking about tomorrow’s agenda and you start to feel panicked. You aren’t really sad and you aren’t really panicked… you are right HERE, in the present moment.

The mind is powerful – they can send us reeling down a negative thought pattern or if given the proper tools, they can keep us present. Living in the present moment is the key to unlocking a freer and happier life.

"Be happy in this moment. This moment is your life."


Say Your Intention

During meditation and yoga class, it is hard to keep your thoughts focused. That is why setting a mantra, or intention, before you begin your yoga flow will help you stay in the moment. Each time your thoughts drift, just pardon them with the mantra -- say it aloud or say it silently. Repeat it as you inhale and exhale. The more you practice saying a mantra the more you will find your way back to NOW.

Not sure what to use as a mantra? Pick one of our 108 mala bead mantras to guide you, like:

  • Action conquers fear
  • I flow from a place of grace
  • With brave wings, I fly

Did you know? Positive affirmations improve your health by raising levels of feel-good hormones. They break negative thought patterns and help form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons.


See Your Intention

Support your intention by utilizing visual objects in the space you are in. Just like a vision board, these visual props will also remind you of your focus.

Place your “visual intention” on your yoga mat so it is there to constantly remind you of why you are on your mat. Use mala beads, candles, a Buddha statue, and our printed yoga mat towels.

  • For a grounding practice, use the Nine of Wands Towel. It symbolizes strength, courage and resilience. 
  • For a receiving practice, use the Moon Towel. It symbolizes reflection and intuition. 

Each time your feet, hands, body touch your mat you will feel be reminded of why you showed up. Remember your intention.

Using a mantra during your yoga practice is the best way to practice for life off the mat. You can harness the lessons learned during your flow and shift any negativity or monkey mind messiness by going inward and remembering you are right here. RIGHT NOW.

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