Rhythm as a dancer: mastering a healthy life

Hydration to hip stretches, Erin Salvetti shares her daily healthy habits

Erin Salvetti was born to do what she’s doing – sharing her passion for health and fitness. With fitness entrepreneurial parents, she was exposed to the lifestyle from birth. Erin became a group fitness instructor at age 17, went on to be an NFL Cheerleader, and then created a barre workout program that infuses yoga, Pilates and dance. She inspires a healthy and stylish lifestyle on her blog, Living Lately -- this is where she caught our attention. 

We asked Erin a few questions about her daily routines, her healthy habits and how she finds her rhythm in life. Her words bestill our Stelari heart...


What is the first thing you do when you wake up:

Drink Water! You go so long overnight without drinking any. I make sure before my first cup of coffee, I drink a few ounces to get my body hydrated. I am a morning workout person, so I usually teach or take classes in the morning or go for a jog outside with my daughter in the stroller.


How would you describe your personal style:

I love any chance to wear a flowy boho-chic dress and sandals. On the weekends most often you can find me in a soft tee and ripped denim. However, I workout for a living, so I am often in fun workout clothes. I try to take it up a notch and wear crazy printed leggings or bright colors. So I guess if I were to be reincarnated as a Spice Girl…I would most likely be Sporty Spice with a boho chic vibe.


Where is your favorite place to go to connect with nature and why:

I love the beach. The sand, the water, the sunset…I love it and just find I am at peace when I am there. Which is probably why I have the “ocean waves” setting playing on my phone while I sleep.


What activity stirs your creativity most:

Dancing!!! I love to choreograph and express the art of dance through movement and the emotion you can connect to -- it all is amazing to me. I am a former NFL Cheerleader for the San Diego Charger Girls and loved every minute of it. So I am lucky that I still get to use my creativity when they ask me back to choreograph for their season.


What makes you feel the most connected with people:

I am a girl’s girl with a great group of amazing women I get to call my best friends. When we get together, it’s like no time has passed -- we laugh and cry and laugh some more. It’s the best feeling of connection. I also love seeing regular and new faces to my classes. I get a true sense of joy when I learn a bit about their story and lives, motivate them during class and keep them coming back for more. I love that I have gotten to teach group exercise classes since I was 17 years old. I have taught Barre for the past five years and dance for the past 15…it is such a blessing that makes me happy and more able to connect with others.


How do you stay healthy:

I love to move my body doing barre, yoga, Pilates and dance. I eat clean and organic as much as possible, adding healthy fats and proteins as part of my daily nutrition. Also, I drink lots of water -- I love to infuse my water with fruits and veggies like cucumber, mint and lemon!


What does success mean to you:

Success is ultimately being happy and fulfilled. I feel at the end of the road if you can say that you were truly those two things then life was successful.


What is the last thing you do before you go to bed:

Read  and stretch! I do a few light stretches to relieve tension in my hips and back using my bed and the floor. Think standing Pigeon Pose with one leg on the bed, is my go-to. It promotes better sleep and I get more relaxed. I try to read often, so I always have a few books on my nightstand depending on my mood. Reading also helps me shut off and shut down to fall asleep easily.


Erin's connection to mind, body and soul holds the power to how she beautifully dances through life while balancing grace and strength with style and fitness. For more, meet Erin Salvetti on Instagram (@livinglately)


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