What you need to make your home the best place to do yoga

How to create space for your own meditation and yoga practice at home


From stress relief to heart health, we know there are many health benefits to yoga and meditation. That is why we try to get to the yoga studio at least three times a week. There, we connect to the studio’s community, we feel the energy of our mat neighbors and we learn modifications and alignment cues to deepen our asana practice. 

As much as we love taking yoga classes at the studio, we also love practicing yoga at home. Staying home for a moment of zen has the convenience of comfort with constant availability. But don’t be surprised if you are struggling to stay on your mat and in the moment. Staying focused is a common challenge that most people face when first starting to do home exercises. 

This lack of focus can steer you off track, but we’re unveiling how-to ideas that will get you back on your mat in the safe space of your home.


Where to start

Before you start meditating or flowing through your sun salutations, choose a place in your home that feels special - whether a whole room or just a corner, naturally bright or dimly lit. This place will act as your sanctuary and is the first step to creating your sacred space.

Now that you’ve chosen the location, remove everything out of the way so you have a clean palette. 

[Tip: perform a sage smudging ritual to clear your space and cleanse your aura.]


Tips to decorating your personal space


  • Use soft, diffused light to invoke a calm state.
  • Candles not only create an intimate mood, they are also a great focal point when starting to meditate. Watching a flame flicker and dance has a hypnotizing effect to ease you into a meditative state.
  • If your space has direct sunlight, try curtain sheers to beautifully dilute harsh sunbeams.



  • Invite in a relaxed environment by using neutrals and soft hues. Bright colors can heighten anxiety and visual shock.
  • If you love color, infuse color accents with tans and neutrals to balance the vibe.
  • Use matte finishes for walls, pictures and décor to lessen any distracting glares.



  • Layer your floor with rugs, bolsters and pillows to soften and comfort your seated meditation.
[Tip: Stelari yoga mat towels provide beautiful design, soft feel, moisture absorption, and fit perfectly on top of your yoga mat]
  • Use patterns that inspire you (we love boho Pendleton patterns).
  • Go monochromatic for a clean and natural feel.

    Touch of nature

    Inspire your practice and connect to nature by bringing these into your space:
    • Terrarium - easy to make and low maintenance
    • Succulents – small, space-saving greens are also no fuss
    • Fresh cut flowers – honor your space and yourself with fresh flowers
    [Tip: Remove dead flowers immediately so the energy in the room stays alive and healthy]
    • Green plants and ivy – philodendrons bring in lush life and grow great indoors


    Personal style

    Now that your place is set, it’s now up to you to show up with readiness and mindfulness. Use these 3 personal style tips for yoga and meditation:

    • Stelari yoga tank tops are designed with symbolic meanings so you can wear your intention as you sit still or move through your flow.
    • Mala beads are a strand of 108 beads used for keeping count during mantra meditations.
    • Dab essential oil on your temples or wrists to engage your senses or balance your chakras.

    You'll find that once your sacred space is complete, you will arrive feeling more focused, inspired and calm. Still in need of inspiration? We've compiled some of our favorite yoga and meditation room ideas on Pinterest to show just how to create your special space. After all, there's no place like home. 

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