How one mermaid gets social and finds inner peace

The Way of the Mermaid with Mandy Burstein

Sea foam and salt water in our veins, we live by the moon and the tides. in the sand and spray we are home, dancing with the rhythm of the waves. -mermaid manifesto

Mandy Burstein is a bohemian mermaid and yogi who plays in the waves, travels the globe and offers a gift of words and images on Instagram (@zengirlmandy). Whether it's a poem, a quote or personal thought, each post offers inspirational and motivational messages. We love Zen Girl Mandy's approach to social media - using her platform in a positive way that is accessible and mindful.  We interviewed Mandy to learn more about how this mermaid finds her rhythm from sand to sea and everywhere in between. 

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Take my dog for a walk! I live a block from the beach here in San Diego so mornings are all about running down to the sand and checking in with Mama Ocean. It’s my favorite time of the day to check in with myself, my breath, and set the tone for my day.

How would you describe your personal style?

I'm barefoot as much as possible, relaxed, comfortable, able to travel anywhere, with natural fabrics and ocean-inspired jewelry. I own way too much crochet, I’ve been told! 

Where is your favorite place to go to connect with nature and why?

For my entire life, the beach has been my personal sanctuary. Lately, I’ve also felt deeply called to the jungle, so I plan most of my trips to remote places in Mexico where I can experience the water AND earth elements together as one. It’s been a very healing and inspiring process for me.

What activity stirs your creativity most?

Designing experiences for people. Whether it’s a one hour yoga class or a one-week yoga retreat in Mexico, I am in my most creative flow while designing an experience that could potentially shift someone’s perspective for the moment, or for their entire lives. There’s a lot of pressure in this, but I feel like lately that has fueled my biggest projects and pushed me to take some big leaps creatively. So far the response has been fantastic!

What makes you feel the most connected with people?

Eye contact. Our generation is coming into a space where eye contact is becoming increasingly rare. We have so much competing for our visual attention, but eyes can tell a powerful story. I love nothing more than hanging out with someone and having a deep, meaningful connection and being able to see the emotions in their eyes.

How do you stay healthy?

Cold pressed green juice! It makes me feel so energized and connected to the earth, especially when I know the exact local farms in San Diego it’s sourced from.

What does success mean to you?

Success to me translates to BALANCE. A balance between abundance and simplicity. I am actively striving every day to work towards a life that feels radically full, but also has time for stillness and moments of self-love and self-care.

What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

I kiss my dog and my husband goodnight then roll over and open one of my favorite books. I’m a total night owl so I’m usually up for an hour or two after they are reading something by Gabrielle Bernstein or Danielle LaPorte, who are my go-to spiritual entrepreneur goddesses. I find that ending my night with something inspiring in my consciousness allows to me wake up each morning with new creative ideas brewing.

What is your must-have Stelari item?

Everything from the Tarot of the Bohemian collection is just SO cool. The kimonos are the perfect cover-up, I can literally take it from the beach straight to the airport. Also, The Sea free flow yoga tank is so calming and totally taps into my mermaid nature.



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