Goals, Soul and Girl Crushing on Danielle LaPorte

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We’ve been crushing on Danielle LaPorte for a while. She’s an entrepreneur, writer, coach, and founder of The Fire Starter Sessions and the Desire Map program. Her "white hot truth" approach to business, coaching, and life is inspiring and reflecting. Not only is this Canadian a beauty with a brilliant mind, she’s also a master manifester. Danielle describes her work as “holistic life-planning" as she helps others focus on desires rather than goals in her Desire Map program.


Goals vs. Desires

It's not that Danielle doesn't want us to set goals. It's just that often it doesn't lead us anywhere. When you set goals you are reaching for what you don’t have. It involves wanting something, setting a due date, and taking action to achieve it. Goal setting is an important tool for life, but not for living it. The set back to setting goals is that you expect an emotional hole to be filled when we accomplish the goal. If you don’t get it, then you set the next goal and continue the process again and again. You’re unfulfilled.

What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays — your life?

Inner Meets Outer

We resonate with Danielle LaPorte’s teachings because she guides you to follow your deep desires to set your intentions. That message is the foundation of Stelari’s Find Your Rhythm mission.

You find your rhythm when you tap into your inside and explore yourself - your feelings and your desires - without judgement. When you become aware of that internal landscape, you start recognizing what feels “right” and what feels “wrong”. With that intuition in place, you gravitate toward good energy, good feelings, and welcome goodness back in. Then, like a tapped well, that goodness waters all aspects of your life to help you live more freely and authentically.

You will manifest greater successes when the internal and external energies are aligned.


Meet Your Spirit

Your truest desires surface when you’re emotionally, physically, and soulfully in tune. Caring for the external shell (or physical body) helps the inside shine. Like the agate inside a rock, you have to break the outside to see the treasure inside. Awaken your soul by being kind to your body.

Physical movement has a profound way of exposing all parts of the Self -- we meet our ego.  A moving meditation, like yoga, dance and running can all help cultivate an awareness of the ego. When we know it, we can move it aside and strengthen our relationship with our soul (while also strengthening the body too!)

Healthy daily rituals develop creativity and self-awareness because you are taking time to care for yourself. Danielle starts her day with a plentitude of desire-honing practices. We listed a couple of them below:

  • Hot water with lemon to balance your pH
  • Oil pulling to detoxify
  • Workout in the morning to set your body into action
  • Meditate with a mantra to center yourself

It's time to map out your desires and start the road to creating the life you dream of. Our girl Danielle LaPorte can give you the directions. 


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