Connection to Creation: What Inspired The Earth's Song Collection

Sometimes we journey to see the outside world and sometimes we journey to see what is already inside. Marlo Morgan’s underground bestseller tells a story of such a journey. The Mutant Message Down Under is the fictional tale about an American woman’s spiritual odyssey while living with the Aborigines in Australia. The lessons this character learned from the people is emotion-evoking, life-altering, and beautiful.

“I love the idea that these people, who might seem less advanced or civilized, carry much more wisdom of human nature and a stronger spiritual connection to the Earth than most of us do,” says Kim Roach, Stelari Founder, of this novel that inspired her newest collection of yoga wear, Earth’s Song. When the final page turned, the last word read, and the back cover closed, Kim had a creative rush and it fueled her for months. She began creating. 

The Creative Process

Ritual is an important element for stirring creativity. Make the space and time to connect to your creative ideas and playfully explore them without being result-driven. For Kim, mornings are her most precious moments. She rises with the sun, grabs a cup of coffee, settles in under a blanket in her PJs by the fire, plays her favorite album, and begins.  

“The routine helps me to focus and settle into the same train of thought. While creating this collection, I listened to Trevor Hall’s album Chapter of the Forest…like a hundred times.”

The book was the inspiration. The rawness of the untouched Outback, its elements and native animals were the backdrop. And the earthy tunes were the soundtrack.

“My idea was to create a visual interpretation of some of the spiritual laws and truths the woman in the novel learned from the native people. I wanted each piece in the collection to be a reminder of our connection to the Earth and those teachings.” 

The first piece of art created was titled Earth's Medicine (pictured below). It's a symbol of our connection to nature helps us connect to our own internal landscape which allows us to heal ourselves. While it didn't make the cut, it still remains one of Kim's favorite designs. 


What do the prints means?

After months of dreaming and designing, Kim’s series of symbolic prints was complete. And now these five beautiful, bohemian yoga tops have arrived. Pay close attention to the detail, the color, soft eco-fabric, and use of the Aboringal dots or markings.

They are named:

  • Agate – This raw, natural stone represents the power to heal one's self. When we are healed from the inside out, we are able to expose our rawness (like the stone) in front of others without fear or distrust. We have everything we need in our core.
  • Boomerang – This is the karmic principle that the energy you put out comes back to you. Wearing the Boomerang not only holds yourself to this virtue but also reminds others to be a boomerang of good vibes.
  • Circle of Life – We witness the Circle of Life everywhere. An end, is also a beginning because we are all connected. There is no you or I. Together we are one and when we recognize this oneness we are left with nothing but love. “Oneness has no size, shape or weight.  Oneness is essence, creativity, purity, love, unlimited, unbounded energy." p. 149, The Mutant Message Down Unde
  • Let's Talk – This print illustrates the brainwaves of two people talking via ESP (or non verbally) across the desert. Communicating with others is more than the words we speak, it's the energy we share and the openness we have to receive the message. 

“Later during our journey, when they worked with me to develop my mental communication, I learned that as long as I had anything in my heart or head I still felt necessary to hide, it would not work. I had to come to peace with everything. I had to learn to forgive myself, not to judge, but to learn from the past. They showed me how vital it is to accept, be truthful, and love myself so I could do the same with others."- Morgan on ESP

  • Rhythm Maker - The totem snake subtly wraps around the landscape of this print. The snake's symbol of transformation represents shedding what no longer serves you - old habits, ideas and companions (if necessary) - and creating room for the new Rhythm Maker. 

Also included in the line are the Ombre yoga tanks that reflect the hues of the Earth and the elements that help us thrive. They are titled The Earth, The Sky, The Sea, and The Desert.

Let the art set your intention and style for your next journey. May you come back inspired, more connected to yourself and with others, and feel a oneness with the Earth. Find your rhythm to Earth’s Song.

Bohemian in the fields

Musician Quigley wearing Circle of Life Free Flow Yoga Top from Earth's Song Collection.


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