Behind the Scenes with Musician and Boho Babe Quigley

The morning cloud cover matched the concrete sidewalks, as we made our way through the streets of downtown LA to meet with new friends. We juggled bags from one arm to another and wrapped a hug around natural beauty and Musician Casey Carlson, aka Quigley, and Photographer Jordan Voth.

Nature and Music

The Minnesota-born Quigley took off her statement hat, perched herself in the hair and make-up chair, and settled in with us for great conversation and laughs. EDM tunes played as sunbeams broke through clouds and drifted across the naturally lit studio – today was going to be epic! Although her morning usually begins at 9am with a cup of coffee and hanging out with her cat, Meatball, Quigley took on our early morning project with zest.

The Earth’s Song Collection mirrored Quigley's effortless, bohemian style as she changed from street outfit to sporty outfit, loving the color and feel of each tank. We told her the meaning behind the Outback-inspired prints, while laughing at the unintentional irony of the Quigley Down Under movie. Nature is the underlying creative force behind Stelari’s intention-based collections. The Collection illustrates the power of listening to nature, feeling its rhythm, and letting it heal you -- just as music does.

Quigley was involved in musical theater in high school and college, but started experiencing the beauty and depth of electronic layering of her vocals and beats. She calls herself a “visual performing artist” and loves to literally watch her music come to life on her laptop. Her most recent Initium EP, showcases her artistry. It’s hard not to get mesmerized by the beats and you'll most likely have her lyrics swirling in your head for hours.

You promised we’d stay the same. Baby it’s good to change. Come with me and you’ll never be lost, you’ll never be lost, you’ll never be lost.


WATCH: Lost Again video

Q&A with Quigley 

Curious to uncover a bit of Quigley’s creative lures, we asked her a few questions:

Nature inspires us, where do you go to connect with nature?

The beach - probably Malibu. I grew up in Minnesota, so I'm a lake person. The ocean is quite foreign to me, and I think because of that it's impossible for me to look at it without being in complete awe. I also go on runs in the park by my house and hikes in the canyon. I like to exercise outside!

Musicians are creative beings, what activity stirs your creativity most?

One of my favorite things to do in LA is go to the Flea Market. We have tons of markets and occasional arts and craft fairs where locals share their work. Because I work in the world of music, I get the most inspired by visual arts because it's something different for my senses! For that same reason, I'm on Pinterest a lot!

You said that studio sessions can can collaborative, but also lonely and in your head. What makes you feel the most connected with people?

To be honest, probably my bar job! I work at a gorgeous bar in Hollywood called No Vacancy. It's a speakeasy type cocktail bar located in an old victorian house. I like talking to people, and this is probably where I do most of my socializing!

Questions, conversations, and laughter ping-ponged among the whole crew and throughout the day as we ventured into the streets of LA, lunched at Urth Caffe, danced in the studio, and hiked through the tall grasses of the canyon. We squeezed out the final minutes of sunlight and it was a wrap. As the sun melted behind the horizon, Quigley put her hat back on, flashed a smile and peace sign, and then we all parted ways. A day in LA with boho babe Quigley was officially epic!

Flip through The Earth's Song Lookbook to see more images from our day with Quigley. 


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