Accessories for a Bohemian Yoga Practice

If you lust for vintage finds, no-fuss hair and wandering the globe, you may be a gypsy at heart or at least you embrace a bohemian style. Today's bohemian chic babe can be fashion savvy or not at all. The essence of this nomadic, spirited style is that anything goes and every detail counts. 

Not sure if your fashion fits this style? Take Harper's Bizaar checklist to see if your style is bohemian chic.

"Your mother thinks you dress like a "hippie", your boyfriend thinks every dress you have "looks like a sack" and your best friends all dress just like you do—as a grown-up love child." 

The boho style we love is layered, detailed and nostalgic. However in yoga (especially hot yoga), minimal, form-fitting yoga clothes take the place of our free flowing layers. The yogi bohemian fashionista doesn't have to compromise her personal style on the yoga mat or after class. In fact, the opposite is true. 

The Boho Look In Yoga

Achieve a bohemian vibe with small accessories that add color, individuality and purpose to your practice.

  • Wrap a mala necklace around your wrist or nestle it on the top corner of your mat to help hone your focus during practice.
  • Small, delicate pendant necklaces are lightweight, non-instrusive, and add femininity to your asana flow. 
  • A unique tote can double as your yoga bag and daily purse. Throw in your yoga mat and towel, and head to the studio.

The Boho Look After Yoga 

After finishing a great yoga class -- your face is glowing and your body is vibrating with good energy. Freshen your post-practice look with easy boho chic accessories. 

  • A vintage statement necklace can be worn alone or layered with your small pendant necklace for added dimension and one-of-kind style.
  • Throw on cut-off denim shorts or fun print bell bottoms - both are comfortable and easy to pack.
  • Sandals with beads, straps, or fringe are a boho must that pair with virtually everything - shorts, skirts, leggings and jeans.

Boho Yoga Hair

After class when hair might be damp from sweat, try one of these simple looks to upgrade your do:

  • Let your hair down and hide greasy locks with a hat.
  • Keep your hair back in a messy top bun and style with a scarf turban, headband, or fresh-picked flower.
  • Toss your tresses in a loose boho braid and remember that messy is okay. 

Whether you call it being bohemian, gypsy or a free spirit, we love carefree fashion that beckons for individuality and uniqueness. 


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