Prepare Yourself with Yoga Bag Essentials

Our best intentions are to stay present and mindful – to flow through the moments rather than race past them. When life moves too fast or we are short on time, we fall out of focus.

One of the best ways to stay present is preparation

Being prepared for where you’re going next helps ease anxiety, reduces forgetfulness, and allows you to stay focused on your current task rather than background thinking: Do I have everything? What did I forget?

We see our favorite yoga instructors masterfully move from the studio to the world with ease. This had us wondering what do they pack in their yoga bag that prepares them for whatever comes their way when they teach, practice, play, mediate, work, workout, and go out. So we had to ask.

    What's In Your Yoga Bag?
    Yoga instructor, Jenna Jensen (aka @yoginiinheels) teaches at several yoga studios so she knows how to effortlessly and beautifully live out of her yoga bag as she travels between classes.

    "Right now, my yoga bag has in it:

    • Extra pair of clothes is a must. My Stelari tank packs small and doesn’t wrinkle.
    • A book. Art of Attention is in my bag now because Elena Brower is one of my biggest inspirations and this book is ridiculously powerful for me. 
    • Tripod and Yoga Paws because I never know when I'll feel like stopping through town to snap a picture for Instagram. The world is my asana playground. 
    • My essential oils (I like Doterra) are always with me because I use them when I teach and often times I run into people that are having an issue that an oil can help with. A couple of my favorites are Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. I like being prepared for anything, hence I have a pack of bobby pins and hair ties with me... someone always needs one.
    • Schmidt's deodorant is the ONLY natural deodorant I've found that actually works and it even works  in the Arizona summer heat.
    • Infinity Strap
    • A watch for when I teach
    • I take my Liforme Yoga Mat on the road with me while my cork yoga mat by Yoloha Yoga is used for my home practice."
    "My yoga bag eliminates my panic when I'm caught short on time... Besides swapping out the extra yoga clothes or the book, my bag is always packed and ready to hit the road with me," says Jensen. 


    What's in your yoga bag? 


    About Jenna Jensen - Jenna is a passionate yoga instructor and student in Arizona. She loves love and loves life and is always looking for a way to help others on their journey. Follow her on Instagram (@yoginiinheels) to watch her Find Her Rhythm on her mat and in life.

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